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Our Home Remodel: Before Photos + Plans


January 28, 2021

Yesterday, I shared a bit about how we went from renting to buying and the overall story of how God led us to this house! If you missed the post, you can read it here! We start demo for our remodel on Saturday, but today is just as exciting because I’m sharing all the before photos of the house! It will look completely different, so I wanted to do my best at documenting the process since it’s always fun to look back on! I’m also sharing the new floor plan, and will go into more detail of the changes we’ll be making! Our ultimate goal is to make it feel large + open, while still being cozy + welcoming, and functional + practical while still being beautiful!

These are all photos, but if you would like to see a video home tour, go to my Instagram profile and you can find it in my “Home” highlight!





(from left to right)





This is currently our guest bedroom, but we will turn it into the master bedroom.


This is currently my office, but it will be either a guest room or a future nursery.


This beautifully painted room done by the experts from is our current bedroom, but it will eventually be my office.


I really hope these are the ugliest photos I will EVER have to share on here…lol!


The red carpeted area will turn into Bedroom #5!


This area will eventually be one big open family room/play area with the stairs moved and majority of storage rooms finished.



Elaine helped us design the floor plan and put this together for us…we’re so thankful for her!!!!! Like I said, it won’t even look like the same house when it’s all done! The majority of the changes will be happening in the kitchen, laundry room area, and the bathroom, but there are little things changing all over the house.

First of all, the ceiling in the living room, dining room, and kitchen will be vaulted, and we’ll add a support beam through the middle. Having taller ceilings will make it feel much bigger than it really is, and availing painting services from will make a big difference! The stairs are currently in between the living room and the kitchen, and we will move them to flow right beside the hallway. It will make Bedroom #3 a little bit smaller, but we would rather have smaller bedrooms and a bigger living area than vice versa! Bedroom #3 will also start out as my office (until our family grows!), so I don’t need a lot of space for that.

We will take out the wall between the dining room and kitchen, and add a 9.5 ft island next to where the stairs originally were. There is currently carpet in the living room, dining room, hallway, and sunroom and we will replace that with luxury vinyl plank flooring and rugs – we’ll also run that same flooring into the kitchen, mudroom, and master bathroom.

We will take out the two original windows in the kitchen and breakfast nook, and replace them with two windows of the same size, move them over to the left a few feet and have the oven/vent hood in the middle. We will close off the laundry room/mudroom by adding a wall and a pocket door – this wall will sit about where the original breakfast nook was. The door to the garage will move from its current spot in the kitchen to enter into the laundry room/mudroom.  We will also add a big window in the mudroom! We’ll have the washer, dryer, and sink, plus cabinet storage above, on the south (right) wall, and add custom locker style mudroom cabinets with a bench on the north (left) wall.

The house is originally a 3 bedroom/2 bathroom house, but once the basement is also done, it will be a 5 bedroom/3 bathroom house. The bathrooms were something we weren’t originally going to change (besides remodel of course!), but some friends reminded us how nice it would be to have our own master bathroom! However, we weren’t willing to give up the 3rd bedroom on the main floor just so that we could have a bigger bathroom and closet (that was one of the reasons we fell in love with the house, remember?!). So, Lavon came up with the idea to turn the one big bathroom into two smaller bathrooms, and I’m sooooo glad we changed our original plans!

There is currently an old built-in hutch in the dining room along the wall of the main bathroom, and there is also a linen closet in the hallway. We will take both of those out, and make those areas part of the new main bathroom. We will also move the master bedroom wall to the north (left) a little bit to allow for more space in the two bathrooms. It will definitely be a smaller bedroom, but we are okay with that as long as it’s still functional and we get our own bathroom out of it!

We will also add a 90″ wide x 70″ height window in the master bedroom because we love big windows and natural light! We’re looking forward to it feeling a little bit bigger and brighter, especially in the morning, while it overlooks the backyard! We will also take out both built-in desks in the bedrooms and redo all of the bedroom closets to make them more functional and useful!

We also plan to do new trim and doors throughout the entirety of the house!

The basement is part 2 of our remodel and we aren’t focusing on this yet, but making plans for it is still fun! We will hopefully start this part of the remodel shortly after the upstairs is finished!

When you go down the stairs, the hallway to the bedrooms is to the right, and the play area to the family room is to the left. We will add an egress window in each of the bedrooms since they currently only have small windows. We ordered the bathroom vanity with the rest of the upstairs cabinets already, but we’ll eventually add built-ins along the tv wall in the family room too! Another thing we are planning to do is frame in a play house with a door under the stairs! By the time this will be done, we’ll have 11 nieces and nephews, plus several more little kids of friends, that I know will love that!

Here are a few 3d floor plan photos that I love looking at! I’m such a visual person and this helps me really imagine what the end result will be like! The windows in the sunroom won’t change sizes, we just never changed it to the correct dimensions in the floor plan!

These aren’t the exact kitchen finishes we will go with, but I still love seeing it! We went with white cabinets, but for the rest of the details, you’ll need to wait and see!

I’m really excited to have the laundry room/mud room in a closed off space for this part of every day living – close to the garage and kitchen, but still hidden!

And here’s a sneak peek of the basement!

We have kitchen appliances, washer + dryer, kitchen + bathroom cabinets, windows, vent hood, and flooring all ordered, and that in itself was a long process! We are focusing on countertops and backsplash next! The decisions are never-ending, but we’re slowly checking things off the list! And now we’re ready to actually start!



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