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The Importance of a Videographer

Wedding Wednesday

June 17, 2020

As a photographer, I want to stress the importance of having your memories documented in some way or another. I’ve said many, many times that this is one day in your life that you will never get to live over again. Think about that for a second.

I believe photography is one of the top most important things to have on your wedding day. Every couple NEEDS those photos. But do you know what else is important? A videographer!!!! Many couples choose to only have a photographer and not both on their wedding day, and chances are, some probably don’t regret that decision! It’s okay for us to want different things and to have different priorities. I do, however, know a few couples that do regret it, and it makes me really sad!

Photos and video both capture memories, but they capture it in a very, very different way. I obviously think photos are a beautiful visual…but with video, you can hear the memories: the breeze, the voices and laughs of your loved ones, the movement of real life, etc. That’s how it’s different, and that’s how it’s just as special.

Today, Ben and Lauren Libby from Graphic Formation Films were kind enough to write about their heart behind their business, what they want couples to know, and why they want every couple to have a wedding video. I figured what better way to educate on a topic than to have a talented and professional, yet kind and thoughtful videography team that’s one of the best in Iowa share about it! I worked with Ben and Lauren at Kaleb + Courtney’s wedding day last year (they just celebrated their first anniversary!)! Trust me, if you want a videographer for your wedding day, you want them.


“Memories are what give our lives meaning. They are the building blocks of our personalities, they shape who we are, and what we hope to pass along to the next generations; they help connect the past to the present. We cling to memories to desperately try to remember the past, but it’s not just the memories themselves we cling to; we cling to the emotions they evoke; they allow us to remember how a certain place, person or day made us feel. Your wedding day will be one of the most emotional days of your life. Unfortunately, memories fade over time. Preserving memories in a way that allows you to relive them is one of the most valuable things you can invest in. We strive to preserve memories in a way that allows you to relive your wedding day and connect yourself to the emotions from your most special day. Imagine 30 years from now reliving your wedding day with your children, or grandchildren, and seeing them smile and feel the emotions of your wedding day, too, with your unique wedding film. Your story deserves to be told, and your wedding day is a chapter in your story that we have the honor of capturing.

There’s a difference between recording your wedding and filming your wedding. Videography is growing so fast that there seems to be a confusion with what you are paying for. 10+ years ago is was common to pay someone a few hundred dollars to sit in the back of your ceremony or walk around with a camera all day and give you a 3 hour video of your wedding that you might watch 1-5 times in your lifetime. This is still something you can do and is the most affordable kind of videography because it requires little to no labor during or after the wedding.

The other option is to hire someone who will create a cinematic film that highlights the best moments from your day. This might include the first look, walking down the aisle, the vows, the kiss, first dance, etc. These videos usually vary in length between 3 minutes and 10+ minutes. At the end of the day, your videographer might have 4-6 hours of footage, and your videographer will go through that footage and select the best moments from the day to hopefully allow you to relive your wedding without having to sit through a 3 hour video documentary. The videos we create usually feel more like a cinematic film because of the combination of music, dialogue, and visuals to help you feel a more emotional connection with the footage.  These more cinematic videos can range between $1500 and $6000 depending on the quality you are willing to invest in and the experience the filmmaker has.

Photos and videos are the best ways to preserve memories. How are they different? Well imagine this; you see 3 pictures of your first look: you approaching your significant other, your significant other’s face when they turn around, and you two hugging. When you look at those photos your mind will sort of fill in the gaps between the photos; your anticipation, your nervous ticks of excitement, your heart fluttering out of your chest, and finally the awe and sudden relief of seeing the love of your life in front of you. Photos are probably the easiest way to preserve memories. With video, you can get a little more of an experience and can fill in more of the fine details as you relive the moment while you watch it unfold in front of your eyes after the fact. Try to imagine the same first look but with video. A shot of you taking a couple of footsteps towards your significant other and you see your face smiling with excitement as you look down at your feet and then up at them. Then you see an angle from their perspective and you can hear a sharp intake of breath as they are so excited to see you. They are smiling and fidgeting with their fingers. A wide-angle shows you touch their shoulder and when they turn around you see their face go from curiosity to shock in a matter of moments. You hear the rustle of the leaves and birds in the trees, and see the warm sun on your faces so you can almost feel what it felt like in the moment. Rather than filling in the gaps of what happened, your brain can fill in the emotions you felt and focus on the finer details to allow you to relive that day.

Let’s say you hired both a photographer and videographer. That’s awesome. The next step is to make sure there is clear communication between them so that on the wedding day there isn’t any head butting. We have had very fortunate experiences with photographers and we think it’s because we respect them and their work immensely. The last thing you want is to have to break up a fight between vendors. Communication is key! If there is clear communication, photographers and videographers can almost elevate the whole experience by bouncing ideas off each other making sure everyone is having a great time. Working in tandem, side by side, and respecting each other’s creativity and time.

The last thing I want to emphasize is to make sure you do your research on vendors. Don’t just look at a video and say, “I want that videographer” because of one video you may have seen them promote. There is a lot more that goes into a vendor besides the quality of their work. There’s the overall experience, their personalities, and the mindset regarding you as a client. It can be exhausting, but sometimes your other vendors may be able to help you find videographers that they’ve worked with in the past that they have worked well with. They can also tell you who they haven’t worked well with. We like to start out as a vendor and end as friends with couples because that’s how we truly feel. We’ve just captured your entire wedding day and watched first hand the love blossom between you and that is such a sacred and special honor.”


If you haven’t seen any of their wedding films, go watch a few – they shine a whole new light on why a wedding video is important!



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