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The Necessity of a Wedding Planner Part I

Wedding Wednesday

June 3, 2020

I am extremely excited for today’s Wedding Wednesday post, as well as next week’s! I am sharing why having a wedding planner or day-of coordinator is beneficial for so many couples from my perspective as a photographer! Next week’s post will feature a wedding planner and sweet friend of mine, Karla, the lead planner from Honey + Joy Events, and she’ll share her perspective on why this is a necessary part of a wedding day! She is from Des Moines, Iowa, and loves planning unique and special days with couples and serving them throughout the entire process. We did Eric and Taylor’s wedding at Walker Homestead last summer together, and it was a blast!

If having a wedding planner does not fit in your budget, or it just makes more sense for you to do the planning yourself, that’s okay! Even if you simply have a close family member or friend that has a lot of experience with weddings as your day-of coordinator, that still helps tremendously! It’s the same idea, and I highly recommend finding someone that can fill that role if you don’t hire an official wedding planner. You’ll be so glad you did! This is what we did for our wedding – we had a close friend that had been a part of a lot of weddings and she knew what she was doing! She organized everything so well that Lavon and I didn’t have to think about anything!

As a wedding vendor, I’ve seen firsthand how crazy wedding days can get; they can be disorganized, no one knows what they’re supposed to do where at what time, and this ultimately puts lots of stress on the couple and their parents. They end up having to take care of tasks that they shouldn’t have to be doing at all, let alone on the wedding day. This obviously isn’t every single wedding day; they are all different, and some go more smoothly without a planner than others. At the same time, I’ve also seen how smoothly a day can go when there is a wedding planner or day-of coordinator in charge of everything. As a vendor, I am part of a team and our ultimate goal is to 1) give our couples the day of their dreams and 2) keep any stress off of them. Because of that, it’s important we do anything and everything I can to help out, whether it’s “technically” my duty as a photographer or not. When a couple does not hire a planner, many of those responsibilities fall on the other vendors, and when I’m juggling those tasks while making sure I photograph everything the couple is paying me for, it can be a bit stressful at times! I am always, always happy to help in any way I can: after all, I am there to serve the couple and their family! But I will say this: wedding planners are usually the secret ingredient to how smoothly your day goes. When you have someone to organize all the little things (such as flower delivery, set up + tear down, and ceremony coordination to name just a few), your other vendors are allowed to focus on what they do best. When your vendors have time to focus on what they do best/what you are paying them for, you’ll most likely get better service and a better end-product (such as a final wedding gallery full of photos).

With that being said, I love my couples whether they hire a planner or not. They’re so special to me, and if they decide to not hire a planner/day-of coordinator, there are many good reasons for that! I believe a wedding day can still be special, it can still not be stressful, and it can still be organized without a wedding planner. My main point is wedding planners do make it much easier on couples, so if you decide to opt out, it simply may require more tedious planning and organizing on your end.



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