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The Size of Your Bridal Party: Large or Small?

Wedding Wednesday

May 20, 2020

I love both. There are things I love about big bridal parties, and there are things I love about small bridal parties.

When we got engaged, so many people told us “Don’t do a big wedding party…You won’t like it…It’s way too many people…It’s unnecessary…” and so on. While I understood what everyone was saying, we knew that a large bridal party fit us better! Between both families, we had four sisters and five brothers that we wanted included in the wedding party, plus several really close friends. There were so many special people in our lives that we did not want to leave out. In the end, we decided on 10 bridesmaids, 10 groomsmen, 3 ushers, and 2 personal attendants. Also, between my younger siblings and our nieces and nephew at the time, we had 3 ring bearers and 4 flower girls. If you add those numbers up including us, that’s 34 people!!!!! It wasn’t an easy decision, but we’re so glad that’s what we did! We wouldn’t change anything about it.


Large Bridal Parties

  • made for couples who have lots of really close family and friends, while also loving really big groups of people.
  • may have to build in extra time for bridal party photos, depending how BIG it is! I usually allow 30 minutes, but sometimes a big group is more feasible to photograph in 45 minutes.
  • be willing to spend extra money for additional bouquets and boutonnieres for every bridal party member: the more you have, the more expensive it is!
  • make sure you have a big enough area for a large bridal party table at the reception, IF you want to still all sit together! Some couples decide to do a sweetheart table with just their spouse, and others love being able to sit all together!
  • plan on having at least a day-of coordinator to help gather the bridal party for photos and line them up for the ceremony. With so many people to organize, it made it easier to have someone in charge!


Small Bridal Parties

  • made for couples who have a select few friends and family they are really close with, and/or love a small, close group of people more and it fits them better.
  • some couples may have tons of close family and friends that could be in the bridal party, but sometimes a really small party of 1-4 people on each side is more appealing to them!
  • the smaller group can make photos go a little bit faster just because it’s less people to organize.
  • that extra $$$ you have by not having to get more bouquets and boutonnieres, you can either save, OR use it for more reception florals/decor!


No matter what you choose for your wedding party, it will still be a ton of fun, and you’ll have beautiful photos captured of it all! Having a large bridal party had many cons, but for us, just having everyone we love be a part of it far outweighed those cons! We had to plan more and it was more expensive, but we loved every bit of it!



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