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Storing Your Photos After Your Wedding

Wedding Wednesday

April 22, 2020

Every one of my couples receives their own online gallery following their engagement session and their wedding day FULL of beautiful, high resolution portraits! This is an amazing and easy way for me to deliver everything, and it’s also a very easy, simple way for clients to view ALL their photos! Within each gallery, I organize the photos in different folders for each part of the day. They have access to this gallery for ten years, and while that is a long time, I’m sure everyone wants to keep their photos in a safe place much longer than that! Technology can be an awesome tool, but it’s not always reliable. You never know what can happen with online softwares, and I would hate for any client to lose their gallery.

When you receive your photo gallery following your wedding day, here’s what I recommend doing right away:

  1. Download all the photos in high resolution (not web-size) and save them to a folder on your computer immediately! Don’t wait until those ten years are almost up – you may forget about it!
  2. Back those same images up on a separate external hard drive and keep this in a fireproof safe. No matter how you store your photos, the most important thing is to always have them in at least two places (I keep mine in three!). What if something happened to your laptop? What if something happened to your external hard drive, and you didn’t have the photos on your laptop at all? I personally use and love the Western Digital My Passport External Hard Drive!

If your photo storage, both personal and professional, is a mess right now, take this extra quarantine time to organize everything and create a system for yourself to make it stay organized in the future!

So far, I’ve been sharing how to safely store photos so that nothing happens to them. However, there is another aspect of storing photos that, in my opinion, is almost more important. PRINT YOUR PHOTOS, both personal and professional, and “store them” on your wall, make a scrapbook, order an heirloom album, etc! Photos are not meant to be kept on our phones and laptops; they’re meant to decorate a home, tell a story, and share with others. Wedding photography is a big investment, and I believe it’s such a sad waste when nothing is done with it!

It’s super easy to order prints through your own gallery, and they’re guaranteed to be professional and high quality. If you’re already married or getting married in the near future and would like to order an heirloom album, email me at and I’ll design it for you!




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