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Budgeting for Your Wedding Day

Wedding Wednesday

April 15, 2020

Everyone knows that weddings aren’t cheap

I’m not sure if I can tell you HOW to budget for your wedding…because each couple’s finances are different, their family situation is different, and their vision for their entire day is different. BUT I know that I can give you tips, suggestions, and recommendations on how to make your dream day still possible.

Throughout wedding planning, I quickly learned that it was important to compromise some dreams in order to make other dreams happen. We can’t have everything we want, and that’s actually a good thing! It taught us to figure out ways to make a dime go farther while also reminding us that our wedding day wasn’t just about the food and decorations, but us becoming one. Cheesy, I know…but it’s true!

I would say my best advice is this: choose THREE main things that are top priority to you AND your fiancé for your wedding day. Is it a specific venue? Is it a certain meal? Is it that extra long honeymoon? Is it that photographer you’ve always wanted? Or that videographer? Or those floral centerpieces? Whatever those three things are to you, figure out how much it would cost for each, then figure out ways to make it happen. This may be harder for some couples more than others, but either way, choose what’s most important to you!

For us, we knew all along that we were going to have a specific photographer, no matter what the cost. We found ways to cut things out of our life that we didn’t necessarily need, but were things that quickly added up to an expense. We didn’t go out to eat as much, and we also didn’t shop as much. Those were two things that we were able to cut to make sure that dream photographer we wanted wasn’t quite as big of an expense. We were willing to do whatever we had to make sure she was there! And it worked! Awhile ago, I wrote a post about our top 3 best investments for our own wedding, and so much of what I wrote applies to this post too! Those were our top three investments that we don’t regret, however, they weren’t our top three priorities. Our top three priorities were professional photography, having lots of family and friends there, and beautiful florals, in that order!

When budgeting for your wedding, here are a few other things to keep in mind:

  • Talk with your parents to see what expenses they want to cover; whether they want to cover everything, or just part of it, or nothing, still make sure you’re on the same page about what seems reasonable to spend for each vendor/service. After this conversation, you should know what you and your fiancé need to pay for yourself.
  • Count your savings and track your spending.
  • Research what things actually cost. If your parents are paying for some or all of your wedding, this is also important to do with them! Email vendors, get to know them, ask for package prices or estimates, and be open-minded!
  • More guests = more expensive meal (and sometimes a more expensive venue if you need a larger space!). More guests = more tables to decorate. Some couples love hundreds of people at their wedding, others love just 50 (or maybe even less!). There’s no wrong choice, just something to think about because the number of guests may change your budget!


Here is a list of vendors/services to be thinking about as you choose your top 3 priorities as well as when you’re researching!

  • planner
  • venue
  • photographer
  • videographer
  • florist
  • bridal gown + bridesmaid’s dress
  • suit rental
  • graphic designer
  • calligrapher
  • hair stylist
  • makeup artist
  • officiant
  • musicians
  • dj
  • caterer
  • cake designer
  • other desserts
  • transportation
  • tables + chairs + plates + glasses + silverware + linens + decor
  • favors
  • gifts for your bridal party
  • grand exit
  • honeymoon



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