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Wedding Week Organization

Wedding Wednesday

March 25, 2020

You probably know by now how organized I love to be, and making to do lists is what I’m good at! This was one of the many parts of our wedding planning that I absolutely loved! For any wedding, no matter how big or small, the week before is usually crazy and busy with so many things to do! I remember that week for us was specifically exciting but also a little overwhelming. However, I organized every tiny detail I could think of to a tee, and the way I did it was so helpful for Lavon and I – so I wanted to share!

Wedding Week Organization:

  1. There are many ways you can create a list, chart, and spreadsheet, so make one that makes sense with the way your brain works! Mine may not help everyone, but here’s what I did and it worked perfectly for what I needed: create a Google Doc with a “table” by clicking Insert>Table, then choose 2 wide x 14 long (two for each day of the week). Shorten the left column and extend the right column by dragging the middle line over to the left (see photos below).
  2. Add each day of the week on the left.
  3. Make a list of everything you can think of that needs to happen this week, no matter how small of a task. These tasks will be different for each wedding and it depends how much planning you still have. Most of mine were things like finalize seating chart, pick up items we needed, meet our officiant to go over ceremony details, get rings cleaned, etc. Add each of those “to-do’s” to the day you would like to get it done! Leading up to the wedding week, every time I thought of something that needed to be done the week of the wedding, I simply made notes on my phone as I thought of them, then organized it in my Google Doc when I had time. This allowed me to make this Doc very detailed, and I didn’t forget anything important!
  4. By the time the wedding week arrives, most of your planning should be done. Now, your wedding week To-Do list should all have tasks to do with executing your plan and setting up. If you’re having trouble thinking about what you actually need to do, ask yourself these questions:
    • Is there anything I need to pick up or drop off?
    • Is there anything I need to communicate with vendors? Do all vendors know what time and where they need to be?
    • Do close family and friends know the schedule of the week?
    • Is there anything I need to communicate with family and bridal party?
    • Is there anyone I need to meet with?
    • Are there any rental deliveries I need to be there for?
    • Is there any task I need to delegate to someone else?
  5. The last main, important task I did to help with wedding week organization was create itineraries for everyone that had a part in our wedding day: wedding coordinator, bridesmaids, personal attendants, groomsmen, ushers, host and hostess, guestbook attendants, DJ, musicians, caterer, dinner servers, dessert servers, and ice cream servers. These itineraries outlined what time they should arrive to where, what they needed to do at what time, where their assigned seat was, and who to find if they had questions. I knew that during the wedding day, Lavon and I didn’t want to be answering a ton of questions (where is this? who do I find?) because I wanted to enjoy every minute of it. These itineraries, and the careful planning leading up to the day, is what made our day so fun! Lavon and I were able to be present in every minute because of it! I will talk more about these itineraries in more detail in another post soon, but hopefully this helps for now!



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