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Wedding Planning Around COVID-19

Wedding Wednesday

March 18, 2020

“Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.”

/ Corrie Ten Boom /

Recent events have turned this world upside down, and it’s affecting everyone in some way or another. I debated not devoting today’s Wedding Wednesday post to COVID-19 because everyone is talking and sharing about it. BUT, if these words bring just one couple hope and comfort in the midst of all this craziness, then it’s worth it.

My heart is breaking for all the couples that are having to postpone or cancel their wedding day, honeymoon, and everything else. I also feel for the many couples whose wedding days are still a few months away, and still have no idea if and how this will affect them. There’s still so much unknown, which is terrifying. I think if this happened to Lavon and I when we were planning our wedding two years ago, I would have been extremely disappointed, frustrated, and sad. If you’re feeling this way, your feelings are 100% valid. Y’all have put so much time, effort, and money into making this special day happen, and no couple should have to give that up.

It’s extremely hard to make plans, when recommendations and restrictions are changing by the day and even by the minute. But, there are a few things you can do!

If your wedding is in March or April:

  1. Reach out to your planner, venue, and photographer if you haven’t already or if they haven’t reached out to you. Depending on your location, social event recommendations and restrictions are different. See what your venue is planning to do, then go from there.
  2. If you have to postpone, check with your venue, planner, and photographer FIRST before officially solidifying another date. I hope and pray each of you can find a date that ALL your vendors are available. It might be difficult, but I know it’s not impossible. Consider Fridays or Sundays – most vendors will have more availability on those days than on the typical Saturdays.
  3. Determine the best way to communicate the change of plans to your guests and wedding party. Online website? Email? Send a card in the mail?
  4. Make a list of your top priorities on your wedding day if the date/plans have to be changed. Do you want it at the same venue? Available photographer? All wedding party in attendance? Any other vendors you still want a part of your day? From this list, you can narrow down backup dates that will hopefully still work with your top priorities!


If your wedding is in May or later:

  1. Because your wedding is still at least 1.5 months away, I encourage you to not make drastic decisions regarding your wedding day too soon. So much can change in the coming months, and I strongly believe that everything will still work out in the end, one way or another. It would be so unfortunate to decide too early to postpone your wedding day for a later date, then things start to turn around, get better/back to normal, and you could have had your wedding day as originally planned.
  2. It’s great to be prepared for the worst! Because of that, I recommend starting to consider other dates as a possible backup if needed, especially for weddings in May, June and July. Don’t make final decisions yet, but if your venue allows you to hold another date as a backup while still holding your original date, that would probably be a good idea! Again, still check about those back up dates with your planner, photographer, and other vendors!
  3. Try not to let the worry and questions consume your mind and your day-to-day life. This is much easier said than done. Go about your wedding planning as normal, pray, listen to a podcast, go for a walk, do your normal life as much as possible. I’m sure you have a lot “what if” questions, but right now, you’re still getting married, and it hasn’t changed your wedding day so far. Don’t forget that part!


If you already know your wedding day absolutely cannot happen on the original date planned, I highly recommend postponing your wedding day, instead of canceling altogether. Venues, planners, photographers, florists, videographers, DJs, caterers, and all other wedding vendors depend on this for their income. Ultimately, each vendor wants what is best for you and your fiancé, but as you make decisions, please keep their livelihood in mind.

Say this prayer with me:

“Jesus, I trust you. You hold all things in your hands even when it feels like everything is out of my control. Would you use this chaos to teach me what it means to have faith and know that You are greater? I choose to believe that You are still on the throne, You are with me, and You are for me.”



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