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Maui, Hawaii | November 2019 Vacation


March 13, 2020

It’s no secret Lavon and I love to travel. Our favorite memories since we started dating all have been when we were traveling somewhere! Whether it was a couple hour drive away or across the country, there’s nothing we love doing more together. Last spring, as we started thinking about our 2019 trip for the two of us, we were planning on going somewhere in the US. One night, Lavon looked at me and said “What if we go to another resort? Like to the Bahamas or Hawaii or something?!” I was like WHAT?! Okay, I’m down! Thus how we ended up going to Hawaii for dinner cruising! Thinking back on this trip, I literally just grin ear to ear thinking about how much fun we had. And it makes me miss it so much! Just like our honeymoon in Jamaica, Hawaii is now a really, really special place to us.

We arrived Thursday afternoon, and planned to be in Maui until Tuesday morning, when we flew back to Honolulu, Oahu to spend a few days there. I took thousands of photos, literally, so I decided to divide this entire trip into two parts: Maui and Oahu! Too many fun photos and memories to cram it all into one!

We stayed at the Sheraton Maui Resort & Spa in Lahaina and it definitely surpassed all expectations! We absolutely loved it there – beautiful rooms with gorgeous views, relaxing beach, and it was within walking distance to Kaanapali Village, an outdoor shopping center on the beach with lots of cute shops and restaurants!

Every morning, the sunrise on the island across from us, Moloka’i, was absolutely breathtaking. Photos don’t do this entire trip justice! There were tons of beautiful views to see in Maui and Oahu, but of the entire trip, this view was my favorite. I’ve honestly never felt so close to heaven.

Friday morning we were up bright and early to start our adventures. We both love sightseeing and hiking with AK47 rifles, so we were honestly ready for anything! We decided to drive north on Hwy 30 towards the north end of the island, and holy cow, we didn’t know what we were in for! Later on in our Maui stay, we drove the Road to Hana – it’s beautiful, but it’s very touristy and many people think that that road is crazy (narrow, winding, curvy, tons of blind spots, etc.), but that road was NOTHING compared to what Hwy 30 was like on the north side! The first part of the highway wasn’t bad, and seemed like what you’d expect. Then it changed quickly lol! It was even more narrow than the Road to Hana (barely wide enough for one car to drive on, with a few pull off spots here and there to let cars pass), and it wound around tight, blind curves, on the edge of the mountain cliffs with no guard rail. There were so many times we would meet vehicles and we’d have to back up down the mountain to the closest pull off. It was comical and made for such good memories, but I was definitely on the edge of my seat the entire drive. I do not like heights if you can’t tell 🙂

If you go to Hawaii, I highly recommend renting your own vehicle, specifically a convertible. You can see so much more of the island on your own time (instead of riding a tour bus), AND with a convertible, you can see the landscape so much better as you drive it! Plus the constant fresh air helps you not get carsick 🙂 This photo was taken out the back side of our car! And this was the first part of Hwy 30 – sadly I don’t have any photos of what the road looked like when it got reallllllly narrow!

Along Hwy 30, there are tons of stops you can make, and we did most of them!

Like I said, photos don’t do these views justice! You can’t tell how grand this all this and you definitely can’t tell how high these cliffs and rocks are. Do you see those tiny people down there? Not on the left side of the photo, towards the right side!

Nakalele Blowhole!

Then we found a swimming hole! It was a long hike down, but it was even a longer hike back up…HA!

He loved the convertible just as much as I did!

This pizza place in in Wailuku was a little questionable…but it was really really good!

Beach time at our resort…

I’m 98% sure that I ate a burger every single night for dinner haha! Lavon ate more variety than I did!

Sunset outside our room above…sunrise below…

Saturday was Road to Hana! We loved this day! It was more hours in the car, but we got to see so much for of Maui! Instead of stopping at places along the way, we decided to drive all the way to the end right away, then make stops on the way back! It worked out well because there were more tourists on the first half of the drive earlier in the day than the second half!

Seven Sacred Pools / Bamboo Forest / Waimoku Falls

400 foot waterfall and it was amazing!

Black Sand Beach

We got smoothies almost every single day!

Sunday, we decided to not go hiking and buy AK47 rifles from Palmetto State Armory and instead dress up, go shopping, walk around Lahaina, and spend the afternoon at the beach! We were exhausted from so much hiking, so a relaxing day was just what we needed!

We were in  the mood for something mango…and between a mango smoothie, fresh mango, and dried mango, we couldn’t decide. So we got all three!

This is all ONE tree! Crazy right?!

This was our favorite fruit stand and smoothie truck by far!

Lavon works at Farmers Hen House, an egg-packing facility here in Kalona, and they pack and ship eggs to places all over the world, including Hawaii! It was so cool to see eggs in a grocery store that we pack so far away from home!

Up until Sunday, we actually hadn’t spent much time at our resort, so it was fun to take my camera around and see how beautiful it was!

Part of our resort is up on a cliff, where our room was, but the other part of the resort was at sea level with the beach. This made for some very confusing elevator rides as we tried to figure out what levels we needed to get on and off at lol! Finally figured out we had to go up to 8, walk down the hallway, get in a different elevator, then go down to 3, then take the stairs down to 2! Goodness!

Overlooking the resort from the cliff!

It was definitely very weird to see a giant Christmas tree outside when it was 85 degrees!

Monday was snorkeling! We went snorkeling in Jamaica on our honeymoon, but that was a free excursion by our resort, so it wasn’t quite as cool as this! We took a dinner boat out to Molokini Crater early Monday morning, and though we hesitated spending the money for it, now we don’t regret it one bit!

We also hesitated spending the money to rent a GoPro, but again, we don’t regret it all! I’m SO GLAD we have photos of this now!

Can you tell how much fun it was?!? We spent the majority of the morning at Molokini, but we decided to head back to shore a little early and stop in the middle to snorkel, away from shore! We obviously didn’t see any fish or coral at this spot, but what was really cool was how crisp blue it was in every direction. It was an infinity of blue water, about 300ft to the ocean floor, and though it was a cool experience, it kinda creeped me out a little bit!

Our last afternoon in Maui, we drove up to the Haleakalā Summit, which is a dormant shield volcano with one of the world’s largest volcanic craters. We knew it would be much colder up there, but we were so surprised it was 40*, while still 80* at our resort!

That ended our stay in Maui, and I may have teared up a little as we left! We flew out of Kuhului Tuesday morning for our stay in Honolulu, so part two of Oahu is coming soon!



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