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Making Your Wedding Day Your Very Own

Wedding Wednesday

March 4, 2020

Every single wedding I go to is so different from any others. And I love that about weddings. Weddings would probably be a boring occasion, especially for the guests, if everything was always the same. BUT! I believe there are ways to make your day even more exciting, even more different, even more unique to your relationship, and even more “YOU”!

How to make your wedding day your very own:

  1. Make your atmosphere fit your personality. This is often accomplished by the space, decorations, lighting, and music. When guests arrive, you want them to think, “Wow this totally reminds me of so and so.” If you’re a couple that is very outdoorsy and adventurous, it may seem odd to have a very formal wedding. If you want everything to feel romantic and elegant, then candles, soft colors, and flowers are probably the way to go. Though wedding colors and style of design are big ways to show your personality and what you love, music is also important! Think about the overall “feel” of your wedding day, and talk about that with your DJ. More than likely, you already know what kind of music you want, so make sure they know that!
  2. Ditch old wedding traditions that you aren’t excited about, and instead…
  3. …invest that time, energy, and money into something that does by creating your own traditions! There are tons of wedding traditions that everyone does, but just because everyone does them, doesn’t mean you have to! If you don’t like cake, pick your favorite dessert, like donuts, then do a donut cutting instead of a cake cutting. If you’re close to your mom and dad, have both of them walk you down the aisle. If you don’t like to dance, don’t feel bad about skipping a first dance. If there will be a lot of kids at your wedding, have a kid’s table with candy and coloring sheets. If you both love being outdoors, skip the more formal church ceremony and have an outdoor ceremony instead. If you want your wedding to be small and intimate, then don’t be afraid to not invite everyone. If you want to see your fiancé even before your first look in your wedding dress, do it. If you want to have an ice cream truck, do it. If you don’t like country music, make sure your find a DJ that knows what you like. If you love to travel and don’t love planning, plan a destination wedding. If you’re crafty, make your own unique wedding favors for guests. If you love a wild dance floor, get glow sticks for everyone. If you have tons of friends, don’t be afraid to have a big bridal party. If you have a few really close friends, don’t be afraid to have a small bridal party. The birthday gift tips here is what you need to have a look at for better ideas for a gift for a loved one.


The list doesn’t end! If there’s anything you love, find some way to incorporate it into your wedding day. Whether that be specific colors, specific activities, or specific foods, you’ll love having your day so different and unique from anything else, and your guests will too. Remember this is you and your fiancé’s day, so make it a day no one will forget!



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