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Professional Makeup for Portraits + What I Love About It

Wedding Wednesday

February 12, 2020

Besides having family photos done growing up, I’ve only had my photo taken professionally four different times – high school senior photos, our engagement session, our wedding day, and our 1st anniversary session! And there is one thing that I did for all of them that I will NEVER regret! That is getting my makeup done by a professional! I love doing my own makeup, but I know that I can’t do it like a professional can! They were able to enhance my natural features for the better, and each time, I loved how it turned out. Better yet, I loved how I felt. I personally felt so much more confident and beautiful than I normally do, and that’s how everyone should feel as they get their photo taken! Here’s a few other reasons why I love when my clients get their makeup done for their portrait session:

  1. Professional makeup artists know how to work with different face types to achieve a natural, slimming, look. They know how to make your eyes look brighter and bigger, among many other things! This doesn’t mean it will look really unnatural or “too done up” or fake. You can tell them exactly what you’re wanting (even if it’s a very natural look), and they can do that! In the mirror, what may look and feel like more makeup than you normally would wear actually doesn’t have the same effect in camera! It tends to look much more natural through a lens! Every time I get my makeup done for photos, I look in the mirror and think “Hmmm, this doesn’t look as natural as I wanted it to be.” Then we get the photos back, and it looks completely natural, just a step up, and I end up loving it!
  2. Clients tend to feel MORE confident in photos when they have their makeup professionally done. I KNOW that I do! When I know that their high quality products are fully covering up my blemishes and I know that my brows are perfectly shaped, it allows me to not even worry about my appearance. I can actually focus on having fun in front of the camera. When you can actually have fun, I can capture real, genuine, joyous moments.
  3. When I can capture real, genuine moments, it takes your photos to the next level! And that, in my opinion, is worth every penny for professional makeup!
  4. It will LAST in the summer heat! This is one of the more practical reasons I always recommend this to my clients, especially if their session or wedding is in the spring or summer. We got married in the summer of 2018 on a hot, humid day. We were outside sweating (and crying from all the happiness!) from 2pm until 10pm, but my makeup didn’t come off! My airbrushed professional makeup stayed on so much better than if I would have done it myself.


If you’re one that almost never wears makeup at all, that’s okay! Although I always recommend professional makeup, I also truly believe that you should do (or not do!) whatever you need to to feel the most comfortable in front of the camera. If you know that you would be really uncomfortable wearing makeup, then don’t! If you don’t mind it, but are worried that you won’t look like yourself with makeup on (because you never wear makeup!), then have them do a very simple look: start with foundation to smooth skin, add some mascara to brighten your eyes, and maybe even touch up your brows. This is very minimal, and will simply enhance your normal “no-makeup” look! The goal of professional makeup is to enhance your natural beauty, not cover it up or change it.

No matter how you want your makeup to look, consider doing a trial run before your session or wedding! This gives you the chance to make changes or requests for the real thing, and it also gives you the peace of mind of knowing how it will turn out! I have a handful of makeup artists that I’ve worked with and they do an amazing job! If you need help finding a good option, let me know!

All photos are by Seneca Epley <3

Engagement and Wedding makeup was done by Beauty by Angela Miller

1st Anniversary makeup was done by my talented cousin, Autumn Renae Beauty!



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