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The 90 Day Wedding Questionnaire

Wedding Wednesday

January 15, 2020

Everyone knows how much planning goes into a wedding day and how many details need to be organized in order for it to run smoothly. It can be a bit overwhelming! And that’s why I help out with it! Some brides may be wondering “How do I get all the information my photographer needs to her? What information does she even need?” This is why I send out the 90 Day Wedding Questionnaire! About 3 months before the wedding day, I’ll send each bride a link to this questionnaire online! It’s so easy to use and so simple. Instead of asking these questions in random emails throughout their engagement as they plan, this gives them a space to answer all the questions I have at the same time in the same place – it’s organized and easy to find! That’s why I love it! If I didn’t use these questionnaires, it would be so easy for me to mix up important information between 20+ couples during the year! I love being organized because it makes my life easier, but I hope my organization makes it easier for my brides as well! Another reason this questionnaire is so important is because the more we photographers know and plan ahead of time, the more smoothly the wedding day goes and the better we can photograph your day as you’ve imagined it.

Some of these questions I have already talked about previously with the bride and groom, but sometimes it’s good to ask again just to make sure plans haven’t changed; if plans have changed, then it reminds them to let me know!

In this questionnaire, I ask about:

  • specific theme/vision and wedding colors
  • number of guests for ceremony and reception
  • addresses of all locations: getting ready, portraits, ceremony, and reception
  • what photos you would like to do before the ceremony and what photos after
  • ceremony time and estimated length of the ceremony
  • when/how you plan to greet guests
  • if there are any photography restrictions at either venue
  • if there will be a cocktail hour for guests
  • what the couple and bridal party has planned for themselves during the cocktail hour
  • family portrait combinations and names of each family member
  • any special family circumstances I should be aware of
  • any large group photos you may want at the reception
  • what reception events you would like photographed
  • what time the bridal party plans to be announced at the reception
  • what time dinner will be served
  • any special events I should be ready for
  • what you envision for the reception order of events
  • if there will be a grand exit and if you would like it photographed
  • cell phone numbers of the couple, as well as two other’s (such as a planner, personal attendant, etc.) I could contact if needed
  • size of bridal party and names of each member
  • your wedding hashtag
  • website, email, and IG handle for each vendor
  • if there’s anything else you would like to tell me!

These questions come in the form of short answer and check boxes – you don’t have to write everything out and that makes it go so much faster for my brides! From all the information I receive, we work together to create a perfect timeline for their wedding day! Every wedding is so different, so each timeline is going to be different as well!

Here are a few screenshots of what the questionnaire looks like!



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