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Ropp Family Vacation 2019 | Branson, MO


September 30, 2019

I love family vacations so much…and I think everyone else does too! Over Labor Day earlier this month, Lavon’s family planned a family vacation to Branson and it was a blast! We were so glad it worked out for everyone to make the trip and will cherish these memories for a long, long time! We stayed at an Airbnb Friday – Tuesday and filled each day with lots of things to do! It made the trip go way too fast, but by the last day, we were all pretty exhausted! Most of these photos are from the pool days we had because that was the easiest place to have my camera on me, but thank goodness for iPhones!

This trip was much different than any other trip we’ve taken together so far; within 5 months of each other, THREE new grandbabies were born! This made for occasional crying, but lots of baby snuggles too!

Saturday we went to Lambert’s Cafe in Springfield for lunch, then rented go carts to ride around all afternoon. The guys made we sure we got back to the Airbnb in time to grill and watch the first Iowa game though…they weren’t about to miss that!

Sunday we went to the Titanic museum, rode a ferris wheel, hung out at the pool in the afternoon, and went put putting in the evening, plus some more go carting with some faster carts we found!

Monday we hung out at the pool again, then attended the Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai show! And of course we had to end the night with ice cream!

So many snuggles with Lydia!

Adrianna didn’t want to ride the ferris wheel, so she rode the little train instead…but she still only went around once and wanted to get out!!!

The uncles always tease Adrianna…always!

Finally time for a swim day!

Seph looks so enthused lol!

All the brothers! Lee, Rodney, Brian, Lavon.

I even got a nap in…!

I don’t know how she caught it with her eyes closed…HA!

The view was so pretty! My camera doesn’t do it justice!

Seph slept soooooooo good like this…

Blakeley is on the left, Adrianna is on the right!

Someone was really worn out from swimming…!

Time for a big family photo! I took about 30…and the very first one was the best lol!

Orvan and Rose, Lee, Lauren, and Easton (7 months)

Laura, Rodney, and Seph (almost 4 months)

Lavon and I

Orvan and Rose with all the grandkids! Oldest to youngest: Natalie, Blakeley, Adrianna, Easton, Seph, and Lydia

Sadly, I didn’t get one of Matt and Imo with the girls – Adrianna was a little tired if you can’t tell!

Happy and tired babies…

Easton loves Grandma…

…and the water!

“How big is Easton? Soooooo BIG!!!”

The uncles have to plug their noses, but the little kids don’t? LOL!

We’re already so excited for our next trip with the family – we love them so much!



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