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Summertime Pasture Engagement | Kohl + Kaitlyn


September 26, 2019

A few weeks ago, I shared a blog post about how important your engagement session is in regards to how comfortable you feel in front of the camera on your wedding! And this is a perfect example of this! Kohl and Kaitlyn came to their session with a few nerves that most people have – even I get nervous sometimes when I’m getting my picture taken! By five minutes in, they already felt more comfortable and at ease, and they said they were having FUN! They had no idea what getting photos done would be like, but they were complete naturals and they didn’t even realize it!

Kohl and Kaitlyn met about two years ago through a mutual friend at a coffee shop while they were attending the University of Iowa! They started dating soon after, and they both knew it was right basically from the beginning! Their first date was simply studying together in the mall, but now, they love going on walks, cooking together, and talking about their future! So sweet! Their perfect date would be hiking in the mountains, enjoying a relaxing dinner, and watching a pretty sunset by a campfire! Kohl is currently finishing his last year of school, then working in insurance. Kate works at a beauty salon in Iowa City, and loves it!

Kohl proposed to Kate this past spring on March 17! They were in Park City, Utah for spring break with Kohl’s family, but Kate had no idea what was coming! She thought a proposal wouldn’t be happening for another couple of months! One evening, everyone was getting ready to go out to dinner and Kohl pulled out the most beautiful ring when she was least expecting it! She was shocked, but oh so happy!

Kohl and Kaitlyn are the kind of couple you can become friends with instantly; something about their warm smiles and down-to-earth personalities is just so fun to be around! I already feel so close to them, and that makes me extremely excited to spend their wedding day with them next June! When they’re wedding day arrives, they’re most excited to start their new life together…they’re excited to have all their favorite people in the world in the same place celebrating their marriage!

“I love Kaitlyn’s caring and gentle nature the most. I also love how much she value family and quality time together and how much joy she finds in the simple things, like morning coffee before church together.”

“I love Kohl’s selfless and caring soul. He is always looking out for the ones he loves, and will be there for them no matter what it. I also love they way Kohl can make anyone laugh. He is often doing impersonations or making jokes.”

“Kate is an easy-going person who loves to be around her small group of tightly-knit friends and family.”

“Kohl has a very energetic and protective personality. He loves spending time outdoors, learning new things, and spending time with family.”



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