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Sunset Portraits & Why You Need Them

Wedding Wednesday

September 25, 2019

If you’ve been following along for awhile now, you might know that sunset portraits are one of my very favorite parts of a wedding day! And before I explain why I love them so much and why you will probably want to make time for them in your timeline too, let me first explain what it even is!

Sunset portraits are the portion of the day where we take additional bride and groom portraits like we did earlier, but this time with (hopefully!) glowy, evening light. I say “hopefully” because it’s not always sunny out – sometimes it’s an overcast evening and that’s okay too. We can still capture beautiful portraits without the glowy light! Now, when I say “sunset photos”, this doesn’t necessarily mean we will actually get a beautiful sunset in the photos – this is simply what we call this portion of day! I usually recommend allowing about 15 minutes in your timeline for this, but even if it’s just 5 or 10 minutes, that will be perfectly fine! I also generally recommend putting this in your timeline about 45 – 60 minutes before the sun actually sets. This time completely changes depending what time of year you are getting married! Late fall, winter, and early spring weddings usually aren’t able to do sunset portraits because it gets dark so early, but that’s okay! When we create your timeline together, we can go over this, and I am happy to help figure out the best time for you during the reception!

Now that you know what it is, let me share my many reasons why you’ll probably love this time of day too!

  1. The light. I’ve already mentioned the beautiful, glowy light – it’s a much different kind of light than what we had when we photographed your portraits earlier in the day. The light is much softer and more romantic, and it totally changes the feel of the photos!
  2. More carefree. When we do bride and groom portraits earlier in the day, you are probably still having fun, but you’re also thinking about the timeline and your nerves for the ceremony, among many other things. These portraits are generally more posed and formal. While I still love the portraits I capture at that time, there’s something that changes between you once the ceremony is over. You’re finally married and you can focus on the celebration. Staying on schedule doesn’t matter quite as much now, and you’re not having any butterflies as you think of the ceremony! At sunset portraits, I’ve found that my brides and grooms tend to be much more relaxed and I can tell they are having fun – this is a game changer in your portraits. I think because it’s easier for them to now express exuberant joy, they do!
  3. “Just-married portraits”. You’ll forever look back on these photos and think “that was literally right after we got married…how beautiful!” I believe that in itself is a good enough reason to allow time for sunset photos!
  4. Time to be with just each other. Okay, technically, I will still be there as well as the videographer. But, you’re able to get away from your reception for about 10 min, breathe a little, and snuggle and kiss your new spouse.
  5. If there happens to be a few poses or things you really wanted for your portraits that we didn’t have time for earlier in the day, this is the perfect time to do it! If we didn’t have time to get some photos of just you as the bride or just your groom for example, it’s so nice knowing we have this extra little bit of time saved to capture the extra details!

These are a few sunset portraits from my most recent wedding, and do you see the happiness on their faces?!? This is why we do sunset photos!




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