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The Bridal Suite Checklist

Wedding Wednesday

September 4, 2019

Believe it or not, there are things that will make or break the morning of your wedding, and each of these play a huge part into how your final portraits look. There is a bridal suite checklist that will help you enjoy this part of the day more than you thought, and help you love your wedding portraits more than you thought as well!

1. Bridal Details

This is something a lot of brides forget about it! However, if you want photos of your invitation, rings, shoes, etc. they need to be on hand! Don’t send the rings off to the Best Man quite yet; allow me to capture the details, and I’ll be sure to deliver them safely! You can read more about why the bridal details are important, as well as see an entire list of what items to gather HERE!

2. A Window

When deciding where you are getting ready, choose a room with at least one big window in it. Why you may ask? Well, for one, your makeup artist will love you for it; having natural light makes their job wayyyyyyy easier when doing your makeup! Since this is your wedding makeup, you want it to turn out exactly the way you want! But makeup artists aren’t the only ones who love natural light…your photographer does too! If we have even just ONE window in your bridal suite, that makes the world of difference in your photos. Ideally, we’d love to have multiple windows, but we understand that’s not always possible! One reason we love natural light so much is that, when we use it correctly, it can make skin tones look soooo00 creamy, smooth, beautiful, and natural. A dark room with fluorescent light bulbs cannot do that! When we use natural light in a certain way, there will not be any harsh shadows on your face, no dark eye sockets, and a warm, “lively” look to your skin. Trust me, this is the way you want your getting ready photos!

3. A Neutral Wall

Bright colored walls, lots of decor, and clutter can be really distracting in your photos. Most of the time, the decor won’t go perfectly with the theme or atmosphere of your wedding, so when I’m trying to keep your portraits as cohesive as possible throughout the entire day, a neutral wall is a GAME CHANGER! This isn’t always easy to come across, but if you can, try to find a room with windows and a solid white, cream, or grey wall. A neutral wall will allow the colors, florals, textures, and decor of the wedding day you envisioned POP and shine against that wall! If I have to move a few things out of the way, such as a chair or a few picture frames (with permission of course!), I will! This is your wedding day, and I’m going to do anything I can to make it exactly how you always dreamed.

4. Music

This is a must when getting ready in the morning! Play your favorite artists or custom playlists, and let it set the mood! There’s tons of playlists you can find on Spotify, but most likely, you already have a few good playlists of your own!

5. Snacks + Drinks

You WILL get hungry throughout the morning, so either having a full meal planned in the timeline, or lots of snacks around is a good idea! Even if you’re excited and have lots of butterflies with no appetite like I did on my wedding day, it’s still a good idea to eat a little something to give you energy!



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