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The Magic of Having a Personal Attendant

Wedding Wednesday

August 28, 2019

This past weekend, I was reminded of how amazing it is for the bride to have a personal attendant…and a helpful one at that! I don’t know what I would have done without my personal attendants at our wedding last year – they were always on top of things and more helpful than I expected! Some brides decide not to have a personal attendant, and that’s okay – they need to do what works best for them! BUT, there are so many reasons you will love having a personal attendant with you on your wedding day! Here’s a few:

  1. It’s much harder to move around in most wedding dresses than you might realize, so having someone there to help hold your dress and train as you walk, go up and down stairs, go outside, etc. is super helpful!
  2. They remind you to drink water – this is especially important if it’s a hot, summer wedding! In the hustle and bustle of the day, it’s easy to forget to drink water Personal attendants can carry an ice cold water bottle around with them, that way it’s always on hand!
  3. If you need to re-apply lipstick during pictures, they’ve got you covered! This is usually something I forget about!
  4. Your bouquet can get really heavy throughout portrait time, so when you’re not taking photos, it’s so helpful to have someone to hand it off too! If you’re all done with it, they can put it in the vase for you to keep it fresh until you need it again.
  5. If you need anything…they’ll go get it for you, unless they already have it on hand of course! If you need tissues, they’ll get it. If you need your phone, they’ll get it. If you need to talk to the wedding planner, they’ll go find her. If you want to make sure your grandpa gets out to family portraits safely, she’ll go help.
  6. Your photographer will be at your side basically the whole day, but it is really fun to also have a close friend by your side as well; someone that you trust, and someone that will take good care of you on your wedding day! You could even make a bridesmaid your personal attendant at the same time.
  7. Having a personal attendant or two allows you to focus more on your marriage and celebrating the start of that, rather than worrying and stressing about other little things.

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