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The Importance of Your Engagement Session

Wedding Wednesday

August 21, 2019

For the most part, every engaged bride I have the opportunity to chat with is very excited about their engagement session with me and they know that it’s something really exciting and important for them to do with their fiancé before their wedding day. However, occasionally brides will either ask if the engagement session is something they have to do, or something that they can take out of the wedding photography package to make it more affordable. There is nothing wrong with asking questions, and a couple is never required to do an engagement session with me! I want this to be something fun and enjoyable for the bride and groom, as well as something they do because they want to, not because they have to!

I offer engagement sessions complimentary (free) in my wedding photography packages to all of my wonderful couples. It’s not something they have to add on – it’s already an option for them. I offer it for free for many reasons, but the main one is so that couples don’t miss out on getting professional portraits done for their engagement just because it might be an extra cost. This way, they are more likely to do an engagement session rather than opt out of it.

My engagement sessions are a huge part of the Summer Alisabeth Experience, and honestly, it’s not the same unless you have one! Your engagement session with me is actually much more important than you may realize, and here’s why I recommend it!

  1. Your engagement session is the perfect and prime time to get to know your photographer before your wedding day. Most of the time, my couples go from complete strangers at the beginning of the session to sweet friends at the end of the session! You don’t want someone you’ve never met before showing up on your wedding day instructing you and your groom through poses and running the timeline! Wouldn’t you rather have a trusted friend being a part of the celebration than anyone else?
  2. Your engagement session is the perfect and prime time for ME to get to know YOU and your fiancé before your wedding day! This is super important! At your session, I can easily get to know both your personalities, the way you work best together, and I can see what kind of poses you look and feel comfortable in and what poses you don’t feel comfortable in. Can you imagine me trying to figure all these things out as I’m getting to know you on the wedding day instead of the engagement session?
  3. Your engagement session is where you’ll learn a few poses and get comfortable in front of the camera! On a wedding day, you don’t have time to learn all these things and feel comfortable. There’s already enough other things going on that may make you nervous or have butterflies. You have to jump right in for portraits because we have to move on to the next thing for the day quickly. When I’m photographing you, I want to make you feel comfortable and at ease, and the way to do this, is to have an engagement session!
  4. If you do an engagement session, you will actually receive MORE portraits of you two on the wedding day. You’re probably like “What?! How does that work?” When I am able to educate clients in poses that help them look and feel natural and comfortable at their engagement session, this saves SO MUCH TIME on the wedding day. It will take a little refreshing, but you will feel ready for portraits on your wedding day, and we don’t have to waste precious time walking through each pose for the first time. Because of this, we have more time to get creative to get the portraits you’re really going to love!
  5. You have cute, professional portraits of you and your new fiancé – this is an obvious reason, but it’s still so true!

If you decide you still don’t want an engagement session or your schedules are too busy to allow time for that, that’s okay, and it is never required; just something we HIGHLY recommend! I never want a couple to miss out on a fun opportunity for their relationship because of additional cost – this is why I offer it at no extra cost in my packages!



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