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What Most Brides Forget On a Wedding Day

Wedding Wednesday

June 12, 2019

There are lots of things to remember on a wedding day, which means there’s a lot of things you could forget! These are a few random things that help the day go smoother and you end up enjoying it more!

  1. All THREE rings! Before you hand your rings off to the best man, keep all three of them on hand until I’ve had time to get photos of them! I need them when I photograph the wedding dress, the invitation, shoes, and all the other bridal details! f you keep them until I’m done photographing them, it will save so much time if I don’t have to retrieve them or drive somewhere to get them!
  2. Have your bouquets and boutonnieres delivered to wherever you are getting ready if it is a different location than the venue. These are also items I love photographing with the other bridal details, and the florals and greenery add so much to your photos! They look beautiful in the background of your getting ready photos as well! I can always help transport them from the getting ready location to the venue if you are short on space in a vehicle!
  3. Practice getting into your dress, zipping/buttoning up, and also sitting down in your dress as well BEFORE the wedding day! Some dresses take a matter of 5 seconds to put on and zip up, but others have taken as long as twenty minutes! These were the dresses with dozens of tiny buttons or a corset back that took a long time to lace up! Whichever yours is, time it beforehand to see how long it takes – you may be surprised.
  4. Make sure your mom gets her hair and makeup done at the SAME TIME as you (the bride) if you want her in the portraits of you getting into your dress!! Most weddings I’ve been to, the MOB will get busy doing other wedding day tasks and will accidentally put her hair and makeup off until after all the bridesmaids are done! When this happens, the bride has had to wait more than 45 minutes just so that her mom could be in some photos, which then delayed the first look and bride & groom portraits, which eventually gave them less portraits in their final gallery. It’s VERY important to make sure the MOB is ready when the bride is ready! If the MOB isn’t ready, you’ll have to choose between getting into your dress without your mom to keep the timeline on schedule, or you get less bride and groom portrait time. As a photographer, I want to give you the best of both, which is why it’s important for me to educate you on this!
  5. Get heel stoppers. This is for bridesmaids, mothers, grandmothers, and personal attendants t00, not just the bride! If you’re wearing heels and the ground is just a tiny bit soft, these are amazing! The soft ground won’t ruin your nice heels and it’ll be much easier to walk!
  6. You can’t see little imperfections in photos. Maybe there’s a little bug on your dress, or maybe a small piece of your hair is falling out of place, maybe a boutonniere is crooked, etc. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with taking the time to fix those tiny details, but I always recommend waiting until you have a break in portraits to do whatever you need. Remember that every second we spend fixing something is less portrait time. You would be amazed at how many photos I can take in just two minutes! If you can, try not to worry about the little imperfections because they usually won’t show AT ALL in photos. If anything is obvious, trust me that I will take care of it and help you fix whatever it is!
  7. Assign two people the duty of pinning boutonnieres on groomsmen and ushers at least 15 minutes before they need to be ready for portraits. I’ve mentioned this before, but this is huge when it comes to staying on schedule! If they’re ready to go BEFORE bridal party photos are supposed to start, you’ll get A LOT more photos in your final gallery!
  8. Cake cutting set, plate, and forks! Most brides will remember a cake cutting set and will set it by the cake at the reception, but often times they’ll forget a plate and forks to actually feed each other the cake! When they forget, everyone is watching them scramble to find a plate…




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