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How to Have a Stress-Free Wedding Day

Wedding Wednesday

May 22, 2019

The last thing you want to feel on your wedding day is stress. Stress easily takes away from the joy and excitement you should be experiencing – this day is happening only once in your entire LIFE, so I encourage you to do everything you can to never let the worries of a wedding day bog you down. There’s tons of ways to avoid stress, but there is a disclaimer: you could prepare and plan all you want, but it doesn’t guarantee that everything will go PERFECTLY.

  1. First off, I recommend hiring either a full service wedding planner, or at least a day-of coordinator. This is the one thing that will make the biggest impact on your stress-level throughout the day! Wedding planners are amazing: if you didn’t have a coordinator to take care of all the behind-the-scenes, every single person or vendor that has a question will either go to you, your fiancé, your parents, or the bridal party to have it answered. This means you might have a never-ending line of questions because there’s so much to put together, set up, and get ready. Though there is nothing wrong with vendors or guests asking questions, it’s a huge weight off your shoulders to have someone like a coordinator to take all those questions just so that they don’t go straight to you. It’s much harder for you to enjoy the most wonderful day of your life when you are constantly getting interrupted and you should actually be cherishing each and every moment instead – from getting your hair and makeup done to your first look to the grand exit at night.
  2. Talk through every aspect of your wedding day with your planner, your mom, your fiancé, your sister, etc. a week or two before the wedding, and think of things you may need on hand OR things that need to be done at a certain time during the wedding day in order for everything to run smoothly. You can read more about what to include in your wedding day emergency kit HERE, but after walking through each part of your day, you may think of more things that aren’t related to an emergency kit!
  3. Delegate tasks. Once you walk through the entire day, DELEGATE. Delegate as many things as you can just so that YOU don’t have to take care of it! Trust me, you’ll thank me later! For example, if you know that bridal party pictures are at 2:00, delegate two people to pin ALL the boutonnieres on at 1:45. If you know that you’ll want your water bottle and your chapstick up at the bridal party table for dinner like I did at my wedding, delegate your personal attendant to set it on the ground by your chair before the bridal party is announced. If you know that you’ll want to bustle your dress right after the ceremony, be sure to let two bridesmaids know that that’s when you want to do it. 
  4. Listen to your favorite music while you’re getting ready. Classical is the most soothing and calming, but I still love listening to country music! Be sure to have a playlist going while you’re getting your hair and makeup done, eating breakfast, and enjoying the morning with your bridesmaids.
  5. Create a “cushion” – allow a little more time for each event than you think you would need in your timeline – I call this your “cushion”. If something falls behind 15 minutes, it’s usually not hard to catch back up and be on schedule because we’ve already implemented a few extra minutes here and there! If you’re curious how to create a timeline that’s perfect for your wedding day and still allows you to get the most portraits you can, click HERE to read more about it!
  6. Remember that all the little details are important, but the most important thing is you’re marrying the love of your life. You won’t be able to control it all, but be sure to enjoy your day as much as you can. If that means having a few minutes alone with your husband, then do that. If it means allowing more time in the timeline so that things aren’t as rushed, then do that. If it means delegating someone to bring you food during the day, then do that. This is THE DAY, and it goes by fast! I don’t want you to regret anything.



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