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My Favorite Wedding Planning App

Wedding Wednesday

May 8, 2019

You probably know by now that I am a planner, and I love having to-do lists that I can check off! When I was wedding planning a year ago, I looked up checklists on The Knot, Pinterest, etc. for things I needed to do and to see when during our engagement that I needed to get certain things done. Those were very helpful, but I couldn’t find a wedding planning app that worked well for how I wanted to organize things. There are TONS of apps for this, but I didn’t find any I loved. There are so many tiny details that go into wedding planning that, unless I wrote it down, I would forget! If I didn’t have my own unique system to keep track of everything, I would have been even more overwhelmed. This is why I’m sharing about my very favorite planning app! This app is actually something I used to organize my business long before I ever got engaged (and I still use it for my business now)! But because it’s so customizable, you can literally use it to plan ANYTHING! It’s not actually a “wedding planning” app, but I made it one!

Let me introduce you to TRELLO!!!

It’s an online, task management system that is super simple, yet is complex enough to allow you to organize everything! It has so many features that I’m sure I don’t even know exist, but I still love it and it works perfectly for every aspect of my life. Because it’s so customizable and user friendly, I think I will probably be using this app for the rest of my life!

I’m going to share how I use Trello and what I’ve found to work the best for me, but remember that you can organize your lists any way you want! We all have different ways of doing things, and that’s why I love it! Here’s a breakdown of everything you need to know!

  • It’s FREE! There is a version you can upgrade to, but the free version has always worked perfectly for me!
  • You can use it on your desktop AND your phone!
  • Trello is made up of BOARDS, LISTS, CARDS, and CHECKLISTS
  • Currently, these are the boards I use: Summer Alisabeth Photography, Ropp Home, and I used to have Wedding Planning. These boards are basically my big to-do lists, then I would break it down into multiple, smaller, more detailed to-do lists. You can add as many different boards as you would like!
  • Within each BOARD, there are LISTS, which are exactly what they sound like. They are lists of what needs to be done. When I was wedding planning, this is the way I liked to use my lists: January, February, March, and so on…all the way to our wedding week in July. I wanted to create a list for each month just so that I could organize everything I needed to get done by order of importance. There were some things that I needed to get done early on in planning, and some things I needed to wait to do until the month before the wedding. You could even break down the lists even more and organize by WEEK instead of MONTH!
  • CARDS are the tasks! These are actions items that you put in each list that need to be done. You can add other members (like a wedding planner, fiance, mom, etc.!), set different due dates, label it by color, move it to other boards, attach files or images (maybe decor inspiration, or ceremony outline, etc.), and create CHECKLISTS. Personally, I didn’t use the checklists feature for wedding planning as much as I do for my business, but you still could! You cross a CARD (or task) off your LIST by archiving it.
  • A CHECKLIST is how I manage workflows with my weddings and sessions I shoot! Each of my SAP Couples has their own CARD in my weddings LIST. When I click on their name, I can add my wedding checklist with things like “Book Engagement Session” “Blog Engagement Session” “Send Wedding Questionnaire” “Finalize Wedding Day Timeline” etc. This helps me keep track of what needs to be done before and after I shoot each wedding. If I didn’t do this, I would probably forget things all the time!

This is my Trello Home where you can see my different BOARDS:

This is in my Wedding Planning BOARD:

As soon as I got engaged, I created a The Knot account and it gave me due dates for different tasks on my to-do list. However, I didn’t like the way it organized everything, so I transferred everything to Trello where I could have everything in one place: work, personal, and planning. If it told me I needed to have something done in April, that’s the LIST I put it in!

You can click on a task or CARD, and you can add members, labels, checklists, due dates, images, files, etc.:

I organize my Summer Alisabeth Photography BOARD a little differently than I did my Wedding Planning BOARD. Instead of organizing LISTS by month, I organize LISTS by day! Every Friday afternoon, I look at my calendar for the coming week and write down every single little thing I need to do each day. For example, I do emails every day, but sometimes there’s specific questionnaires or files I need to send out to clients, so I’ll make note of that. If I have a session or wedding, I always prep my gear the day before to be sure I have everything, batteries are charged, and it’s in tip-top shape. I’ll include when I need to cull, edit, blog, deliver, meet with clients, order a product, and everything in between!

Along with organizing my to-do lists by days of the week, this is how I organize my wedding and session workflows! I would be SO LOST without this!

Our Ropp Home BOARD is basically our personal board. That’s where we write our grocery/shopping lists, or if there’s any home projects that need to be done, we add it there. Another thing I love about Trello is that not only can I download this app on my phone, but I can also download it on my husband’s phone and login in with the same account. This means that he can also add groceries and other projects to our lists if I forget something, and I can see it on my phone! If he had more tasks within my business, I would have him create his own account and I would add him as a member, but because he only needs it for our personal BOARD, we just share an account!

You’re probably very overwhelmed by now, but I encourage you to check it out! You can make it super simple and easy, or you can make it super intense! It’s all up to you. I understand that everyone has their own favorite way of organizing their life, and this is mine! You may not love it as much as I do, but try it out, and who knows, you might be able to take back control of your life!

Click HERE to try it out!

  1. Seneca says:

    I wish I knew about Trello when I was planning my wedding back in the day. Great idea using it for wedding planning! Love how you organized everything!


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