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Jacob & Darby | Iowa City Iowa Engagement


March 28, 2019

Jacob and Darby are such sweethearts together, seriously! Darby’s college roommate, Ashlyn and her boyfriend, Jordan, tried setting them up her freshman year, but she wasn’t interested at the time! Jordan and Jacob were good friends so of course they had to try to set them up! Fast forward to spring break of Darby’s sophomore year when she and Ashlyn were in Nashville, and she changed her mind about him- they texted all through the trip and decided to meet up when she was back home! When they hung out for the first time, that’s when she realized how quiet and shy he was! She said “Most girls probably would have thought he was too awkward and quiet, but I thought it was adorable and sweet to see that he was SO nervous!” A couple weeks later they were officially dating, and now she says “It didn’t take long for me to see the hilarious, goofy, outgoing, and sensitive side of Jacob. If only I wouldn’t have turned him down freshman year!”

Fast forward to last December to when Jacob proposed and it’s another sweet story! He was gone all day deer hunting, and when he came to see her that night, she hugged him like she always does: she puts her hands in his sweatshirt pocket…can you guess where he had the ring box?! He quickly pulled her hands out and realized she knew what it was! Darby didn’t want him to know she realized it, so she just started walking around her kitchen and asking him questions about his day – all while trying not to cry! He started laughing knowing she knew, so he pulled her close and popped the question!

They’re perfect date together would be spending lots of time outside and LOTS of pizza!

“I love how I can be my weird self around her and when she laughs when I’m being weird. And her love for adventure and the outdoors! She loves family and friends and would do anything for them. She can always find a way to have fun and how dedicated she is when she does something she enjoys. She loves teaching and she loves her students!”

“I love how passionate Jacob is about his hobbies! He doesn’t give up and is the hardest worker I know. He always makes me feel so safe and loved when I am with him! He loves his family and friends, and will defend them forever. The way he treats his mom is so sweet.”

In their spare time, they love to spend time in nature together! Deer hunting, fishing, shed hunting, and everything else! They also love a good Netflix binge!

When they started dating, and she was finishing her sophomore year at Iowa State, they would call each other every night for a couple hours! They figured out later that they both would whisper “I love you” after hanging up the phone. How sweet is that?



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