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Laura & Rodney


March 25, 2017

Lavender and Sage Hometown Church Wedding | Kalona, Iowa

This post has something I’ve been hoping to create and share with everyone for a very long time, even before their wedding, even before Rodney proposed! Laura and I went to high school together, but because she was a year ahead of me in school, those three years went by fast! We did everything together, from basketball games (see here to buy hoops), MYF, prom dress shopping, movie nights in her basement, and Pancheros runs. She attended University of Northern Iowa for nursing and the following year, I went to St. Paul for school, but despite hardly seeing each other for two years, our friendship was always so easy to fall back into and pick up again. We always had things to talk about, and sometimes I feel like we’re the same person! Laura has always been a gem of a friend, someone who will drop anything for you and check on you to make sure you’re having a good day.

Then one day, Rodney came into the picture, and everything Laura always gave to other people is what he did for her. Rodney was willing to drop anything and everything for her, and I knew right away that he was a keeper, the one she always dreamed about in high school! Believe me when I tell you they are the most perfect pair!

They met through mutual friends and May 13, 2015 marked the start of their relationship. Rodney took her to Basta Pizzeria for dinner with Put-Putting to follow! Many many more dates followed within the next year and a half, but he proposed to Laura on October 14, 2016. Sushi dates quickly became their thing while they were dating, so Rodney obviously knew the best option for dinner when he was planning their engagement! After dinner, he took her for a walk along the bridges in downtown Iowa City and got down on one knee under the stars!

Wedding planning started in full swing as they planned for a shorter 5-month engagement. The months leading up to March 11, 2017 seemed to go so slowly, yet it went by in a blur at the same time. Laura and Rodney’s anticipation of this big day was so obvious, and you couldn’t help but feel the excitement too! Something really sweet that made this day that much more special for them was that March 11 was the day Laura’s grandparents got married as well, except it was 45 years ago! Her grandpa passed away at a young age, but this melted her grandma’s heart!

Their Lavender and Sage Hometown Church Wedding was quite breathtaking and oh so perfect for them! They got married at Fairview Mennonite Church in Kalona, Iowa with their reception following at the beautiful Bella Sala, in Tiffin! The ladies started the day off at Eden Salon getting their hair and makeup done (and Rodney surprised her with roses personally delivered – but obviously not by him!) while the guys met for breakfast and relaxed in the basement of the church all morning. They whole day went by in a blur and all parts of it were equally beautiful, but I do remember tearing up myself during their first look. The joy on Rodney’s face as he saw his bride for the first time that day was heartstopping (I had to wipe my dripping camera off!). The weather radar leading up to the wedding kept changing drastically and so did mine and Laura’s stress levels (I told you we’re the same)! Changing from sunny and 60 degrees to snow storms and 25 degrees to rain and more rain, no one knew quite what to expect. It turned out prettttttty chilly, but in answer to much prayer, there was no rain or snow!!! Despite the cold 30 degrees, they were champs the full two hours of portraits. The happiness between the two of them just radiated like no other, and it was so beautiful to finally see two people so perfect for each other tie the knot and vow to love each other endlessly.

Rodney and Laura I love you both!!! It’s such an honor to be a part of your life, and I’ve loved being with you for every second of your celebration. This is just the beginning to this great new adventure!! I hope you’ve enjoyed your time in sunny Punta Cana, but I pray even more that you enjoy this new stage in life together and that God blesses you a lot! Of all people, you two dear ones deserve it the most!

“I love how he is such a loving and caring guy in every aspect of life. He never fails to keep a positive outlook through every situation and I love that about him!”

Missing Kevin as always!

“I love the way she makes me feel special and loved by the way she does things for me. Even the little things I can tell that they’re always done in love and that makes me feel amazing!”

Ahhhhhh Laura could you get any more beautiful?

Unfortunately, we had a little flower girl that wasn’t too happy – but she was still pretty cute anyways!

Awwww…happy because Uncle Rodney is holdin’ her!

Mr. and Mrs. Ropp!!!!!!

As I said earlier, Laura is someone who will be there for you no matter what. And that is exactly what she did for her mom a few years ago when she was sick with cancer. Her dad gave the sweetest speech that moved everyone to tears about how Laura would always give up nights with her friends to be in the hospital with her. And in answer to prayer, Tami came out on top and beat it!

Quick little side note – Rodney’s younger brother, Lavon, and I started dating two months before they got engaged. When two friends are dating brothers, you know you’ve got best friends for life 🙂 plus another good friend, Lauren, married another brother if you remember these two! Ps. it’s not complicated at all!

A HUGE thank you to everyone that helped make this day so perfect for these two!

Second Photographer | Sabrina Cox

Ceremony Venue | Fairview Mennonite Church

Reception Venue | Bella Sala

Coordinators | Anndra Roby & Elizabeth Yoder

Dress Store | David’s Bridal

Invitation Suite | Summer Alisabeth Photography

Catering | P.H.A.T Daddy’s

Florist | E’s Florals

Hair Stylist | Eden Salon

Makeup Artist | Brittni Riggan & Angela Miller

Cake | Janea Miller

Groomsmen Attire | Men’s Wearhouse

Band/DJ | Livewire Entertainment and Samantha Miller & Martha Swartzentruber






View Laura and Rodney’s Engagement Session Here!



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