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Elaine & Levi


January 19, 2017

It is coming up on Elaine and Levi’s 1 year anniversary in April and wow has time flown! My brother and my beautiful new sister tied the knot at my home church, Kalona Mennonite, in Kalona, IA. I had the wonderful opportunity of doing their ENGAGEMENT SESSION, photographing their wedding day, AND being a bridesmaid as well! This being my first wedding, I was a little nervous about how the day would go as I switched between roles, but thanks to many family and friends, I was able to be a part of their day in two very special ways!

Levi was best friends with Elaine’s older brother and they graduated from high school together, lived together, and everything else! Randy wasn’t too sure if he liked Levi taking his little sister out for dates, but he soon realized how perfect they were for each other! I was good friends with Elaine in high school so our friend group just kept growing and growing!

Every time I see these pictures, I smile a little bit at the brotherly bonding time going on!

Elaine’s reaction to the gift that Levi gave her was priceless…

Levi has always been the handyman in my family and is quite good with his hands, tools, and everything wood! He built this vanity out of a junky old dresser found in my grandpa’s haymow. He made a new countertop, paint, handles, and even added built-in light switches. I think Elaine expected something homemade…but nothing quite like this!

The beautiful *almost* sisters!

Elaine and Levi prove that true love is real and the amount of joy you could see on their faces, and that of their family and friends throughout the whole day was absolutely incredible. There was so much laughter and good memories being made the entire day and these two were a dream to work with, even though I may be a bit biased!

Can it get any cuter than this?!?

Stunning…just stunning

I am hoping this is the windiest wedding day I’ll ever have to experience. 35mph winds makes it a little more difficult to keep hair in place, skirts down, and the little kids happy, but we look back on it now and just laugh at how miserable we were! Elaine definitely rocked the wind the best and looked stunning no matter what!

He’s never looked so good!!!…or happier

all time fave^^^

A short month and a half after the wedding, our good friend, Kevin, was killed in a motorcycle accident. So grateful for these last few pictures of him with some of his closest friends, but even more grateful for the time we had together with him. We all miss you dearly, Kev!

If anyone is in need of beautiful piano or violin music for your wedding ceremony, you’ll definitely want to get in touch with my sister! Though she is only 17, her talent with making music come to life is awing!

Best, most memorable, most meaningful, most funny, most precious Best Man speech to date! Lane, you had everyone laughing and crying at the same time.

Leading up to the wedding, I was nervous about making sure I captured everything and fulfilled my job as the photographer well, while still making sure I did my part as a bridesmaid and was there for the two of them on such a huge day. But I had no need to worry because not only did I have TWO wonderful second shooters helping me out, but I also had four younger brothers fighting over who gets to hold my camera! Thanks Luke, and the rest of them, for the many blurry reception photos!

Not only did Elaine and Levi take a big step that day in their journey of living life together…but so did her older brother Randy (the one mentioned above) and Jensen (who just so happens to be my cousin). During the bouquet toss, Elaine pretended to toss it, but handed it to Jensen instead and pulled her out on the dance floor – where Randy met her on one knee! Believe me when I tell you it was a crazy, exciting day for everyone!

Elaine and Levi, no one deserved as special of a day as this was as you two did. I am beyond blessed to have both of you as family, and to play such big roles in your day. Thank you a million times over for making my job so easy, so fun, and so worth it! I pray that God blesses you as you continue this new journey together! Love you both!

Special thanks to:

Second Shooters: Catherine Brinker and Amanda Fox

Ceremony Venue: Kalona Mennonite Church

Reception Venue: Upper Deer Creek Church

Wedding Gown: David’s Bridal

Groomsmen Attire: Men’s Warehouse

View Elaine & Levi’s Engagement Session Here

  1. roSiNa Ropp says:

    Don’t mind me over here crying, wishing we could do it all over again. ????????

  2. hannah elise says:

    You did such a great job with these!!


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